S-sheesh, that’s a lot of grey faces!! Maybe I should turn off anon for a bit? Hmm. 

Let’s see… 

  • I-i call him a lot of different names, in case you haven’t been paying attention. He says he’s trying to come up with a nickname for me, but I’m not really one for nicknames themselves…so I’m just using it as an excuse to come up with awful ones, like Sir Inkleton or something. He’s still just Mister Ink to me in the end, I guess!
  • …Ice milk? What on earth is that? Like Ice Cream? Eh, I don’t really have a preference, I guess! 
  • Mom’s fine! She’s certainly been scarce lately, ha….but that’s kind of been a running trend for her, y’know, my entire life.
  • Well, I have my green suit, of course! But I haven’t really been feeling like wearing it lately, for some reason… ha. Uhm, I have my old traveling shirt, too, and a couple other white dress shirts. And, uh…. other…stuff, I guess.
  • Food?
  • Coffee’s pretty good! I’d place it at my top, ahaha. (Coffee-ler, this answers your question too, dear! Tea’s just weird water, in my opinion.)
  • Uh, ‘cyber hug’ too! My day’s been pretty good, I guess! I….I’m feeling good, about a lot of things, where yesterday perhaps I wasn’t? Ha…. it’s nice. 

Cool, we’re cool. Thanks, anons! Nice talkin’ to ya, and all.

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