No, we can’t. I’ve only said quite a few times, I can’t actually hang out with any of y’all. Do you guys just like rubbing it in or something? Sheesh.

Do I really? I feel like shit. Ergh….rough would be an understatement. I can’t even remember last night, or apparently two nights ago? Whatever it was. Wiped clean off my mind slate…although I did end up looking, though, upon which I sent out a few apology emails and resisted the urge to knit myself a full-body thneed. 

Ha, I’m not that mad today. Just… urgh. Well, okay, I am. But seriously though, who does that guy think he is, just waltzing into my askbox to harrass me? What a jerk. But whatever, who cares if he’s serious or not? Just another stranger, trying to bring me down. But it’s not gonna happen! Not this time!


Urgh, my head.

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